Welcome to the Anderson County Libertarian Party website,
your local connection to the third largest political party in the United States.
The goal of the Anderson County Libertarian Party is to restore the supremacy of the Natural Rights of each individual. In striving for Liberty, the A.C.L.P. has as its main function the presentation of an argument for freedom and a defense of Natural Rights, using the political process as an educational forum and as a method for constraining government.
Specifically, the A.C.L.P. seeks to restore freedom by running candidates for public office who fully embrace libertarian principles; who eloquently and consistently put forth a principled argument for Freedom during their campaign; and who energetically attempt, when elected, to constrain government.
The purpose of all these activities is to convince South Carolinians that respect for each individual's Natural Rights is a prerequisite for Liberty, and that Liberty is essential to human happiness, survival, progress, and creativity.

Vice Chairman
Michael Carmany
Doug Taylor
Lee Carmany
William Gaston