Michael Carmany
2006 Candidate for S.C. House District 8

Michael Carmany
Candidate for SC House Dist 8

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"The Power of Positive Change is in Your Hands"

I am Michael Carmany and I am running for South Carolina House of Representatives District 8, November 7, 2006, if nominated by Convention in April 2006.

Don't believe the smoke and mirrors Columbia is currently taunting about "Property Tax Reform". The path they are traveling will result in an increase of Sales Tax and future return of Property Tax. The Bills only Limit Property Tax. THEY DO NOT eliminate it, with a change to the S.C. Constitution to prevent Property Tax from returning and increasing.

My first priority is to Eliminate All Property tax both Real and Personal. I propose a change of the South Carolina Constitution Article 10 to prohibit all forms of Taxation, except consumption taxes. Local option taxes will be allowed, but uses will be limited. A cap of all State sales taxes will be no more than 12% and all will have automatic Sunset Provisions so voters must approve the local tax every 4 years maximum. Fees and usage charges by municipalities and counties, paid by citizens, will be limited. Fees for infrastructure growth by new development will be instituted to recover cost of growth. "Sin" and embedded taxes will be limited also. To compensate for the loss of income to the States political subdivisions the sales tax will be increased 3% to 8%. A consumption tax will distribute the tax burden equally and provide all the necessary fund to operate the State and Political subdivisions (political subdivision being Counties, Cities, School distr icts, etc. any taxing authority). All current Sales tax exemptions will be eliminated and reconstructed on only necessities, such as unprepared food and Medicines. Sales tax will be charged on "Retail" only, new merchandise and Titled goods. User tax and out of state non taxed purchases are included as Sales tax due.

A tremendous benefit of no property tax is the elimination of competition for growth between cities and counties (No tax breaks for big business). Cooperation will exist and conditions for business growth all over the State will be tremendous. Tax base growth will benefit all areas of the State.

Eliminate the State income tax and support eliminating the Federal Income Tax. Supporting the National Consumption tax. Stopping unnecessary spending is a must. Government size must be reduced at the State and local levels. "Less Government will equal less taxes and better services". Privatizing departments doing functions like the DMV and consolidate State, County and Municipal departments such as building inspectors and regulators.

Education has to be improved, what business would want to move to the "dumb state" (education ranking). The Federal government has no business in Education and must be removed. We have lowered our standards to the federal standards and we are still at the bottom. We need to support good caring teachers and improve the options of parents and students. Equality should exist among all forms of education, Home, Private, Charter and Government schools. Unify all school districts to 46 equal county districts funded by student population with provisions for financial supplements for alternative education. The State constitution calls for a free education, if you ask any parent, it costs them a lot for a free education.

It's our right to own property, the 14th article of the S.C. Constitution Eminent Domain, needs to be rewritten. Limiting the conditions of seizure For Public uses only. Improve the methods of determining compensation and implement an effective Appeal Process for both the seizure and compensation. Absolutely no seizing of land and giving it to another by government.

If a Constitutional Republic is to survive, Legal Elections is an absolute necessity. If special elections are called for, referendums or zoning changes (your money or your property), 30% registered voter turnout will be required to be valid. In a general Election 50% registered voter turn out would be required to alter referendums Or zoning changes.

The Federal Government is a runaway train. The States need to pull the Emergency cord.

To begin with, our Federal Senators and Representatives work for us (The citizens of the State) not the Federal government. We need to take control of their salary and benefits. Our state legislature should determine the pay and benefits of all our elected officials wherever they serve, as should be in all the other states. The State Legislature should take action to take control of the use of Federal power in the State. Limit Federal intrusion to what is allowed by the South Carolina Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.

We also need to adopt Recall and Referendum. A percentage of voters by petition can demand recall of all Elected officials. Also to keep the Legislature honest a percentage of voters by petition can demand binding referendums be placed on the ballot to become law.

The Governors 2006 State of the State Address supports issues which I campaigned on in 2004. The State and local governments are needing reconstruction and I want to lead it in the right direction. Help me win a Seat in the House with your support and votes. Bring "Common Sense" back to Columbia.

Remember: The Power of Positive Change is in YOUR Hands.
Michael Carmany
Candidate for SC House 8
Anderson County Libertarian Party
119 Smith Circle
Anderson, SC

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